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Our vets and staff at Van Riebeeck Park Veterinary Clinic take care in helping to keep your new born puppy or kitten healthy and free of disease by means of education, vaccination, nutrition and would love to see them through to old age living a healthy and stimulated life.

Most of our patients are dogs and cats, however, we would gladly attend to your birds, rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice and small primates. The clinic is equipped with a modern digital x-ray processor, ultrasound, dental and surgical equipment, in-house laboratory, theatre, anaesthetic machines and monitoring technology to aid in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Dogs and cats that are sick and brought to us by their owners, will be given a full clinical examination and if necessary, a further detailed work-up may be recommended if it is seriously ill. Every pet presented for vaccination is given a clinical examination to ensure good health before a vaccine is administered. Likewise every animal admitted for surgery or a procedure is examined thoroughly.

Your pet's vital signs are monitored during and after procedures to ensure an uneventful recovery from anaesthesia.

What We Do

  • Sterilisations +

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  • Dentals +

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  • X-rays +

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  • Vaccinations +

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What We Do

  • Allergy management +

    Blood is sent overseas to test a variety of allergens that could cause allergies and then a desensitization can be manufactured
  • Avian wing and nail clipping +

    Keep those wings trimmed and sharp nails clipped
  • Dentistry +

    Your pet’s teeth will be examined at any consultation and the vet may recommend a dental scaling or extractions. Dental disease has been shown to cause heart valve damage
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment +

    Your veterinarian is uniquely qualified in preventing, diagnosing and treating animal diseases
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 Genetic Testing

Checking genetic faults in purebreed dogs alerts you to possible underlying serious genetic diseases affecting your pet such as drug and anaesthetic sensitivity

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